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Was great running those Mythic+ runs tonight.

Shows we can deffo do +3 within timescales

Not so sure about +4 at the minute with current gears

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About One Patch Behind
One Patch Behind is a guild suited to folks who want to raid at a reasonable level but not hard-core. The sole purpose of this guild is for all members to chill out and have fun playing WoW. We are aiming to have a raid team of 10+ players by the time WoD arrives. So, if you have the time to raid twice a week, keep things light-hearted and keep your character up to date, then this guild could be for you.

The primary aim is to have a ‘one person, one toon’ approach to allow everyone to focus on their own spec and role to benefit the guild as a whole. Maintaining an off-spec is encouraged to help prepare for situations where the raid team make-up needs to be non-standard.

Who this guild is for:
Any appropriate age group who is looking for a
relaxed approach to raiding.
Dedicated/committed team players.
Relaxed personalities.
Anyone who realise they are not perfect and are open to suggestion/improvement (relating to WoW ofc :D ).
Avid team players.

Who this guild is NOT for:
Serious or hard-core raiders (sorry - but this guild ain't for you).
Stressed-up idiots
Did I say Assholes?


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